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Prototype to Production

Satisfy your need for transformers with precise specifications with prototypes we create for you. We handle everything from design to production. If you have an existing transformer, we can reference it to make sure the new equipment fits properly into your electrical system.

Additionally, our technicians are skilled at rebuilding transformers, which saves time and money. Although we work according to the lead time you request, we offer quick turnaround on all orders. Our new and rewound transformers are guaranteed for 1 year.

Transformers, Coils, Chokes, Vibratory Magnets, Bobbin, Layer & Toroidal Winding, Rewind Clutches,3Phase Transformers

The Industry's Most Skilled Transformer Technicians

If your electric equipment or machinery has a transformer, it won't work properly if there's a transformer problem. Cal Coil Technologies does transformer coil winding, coil rewinding, and a full range of services to renew defective transformers. When you need a custom transformer to do a specific job, we fabricate it based on your needs. Options include step down transformers and toroidal transformers with fast turnarounds.

Winding & More

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About Us

Optimization of your electrical equipment through transformer maintenance is the specialty of our transformer manufacturers. At Cal Coil Technologies of El Monte, California, we bring decades of experience to the work we do for our local and nationwide customers. Whether your transformer's coil needs rewinding or you want a custom transformer, we provide complete service to the end of the project. All work comes with a 1-year guarantee. Additionally, our commitment to providing you with the best services includes short lead times.


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